Eurovision Song Contest 2010
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For all those people who are interested in the Eurovision Song Contest, here are some details about the 2010 contest in the UK.

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After the success of coming 5th place in 2009, the UK entry will follow the same format.Your Country Needs You is a show in 6 singers or groups compete to represent the UK. The winner will then sing a song written by Pete Waterman. The final was on Friday 12 March 2009. This time, there was only a 90 minute programme

Presented by Graham Norton, who will also commentate for the UK in the Eurovision Final.

The 6 acts are Alexis Gerred, Esma Akkilic, Josh Dubovie, Karen Harding and the 2 groups Miss Fitz and Uni5

Round 1 :
Karen sang "Shocked by Kylie Minogue"
Alexis sang "Never gonna give you up by Rick Astley"
Uni5 sang "Last thing on my mind by Bananarama and Steps"
Esma sang "This time I know it for real by Donna Summer"
Josh sang "Too many broken hearts by Jason Donovan"
Miss Fitz sang "Better the devil you know by Steps"

After all that, they all sang an Abba Melody

Pete Waterman chose the best 3, so Esma, Alexis and Josh goes through

Round 2 :
Each had to sing the Eurovision Entry song and the phone lines opened.

Special Guest Performance are the Sugababes and "Fairytale, sung by Alexander Rybak, 2009 Winner"

Third place was Esma (Forgetting her words during the song didn't help)
Second place was Alexis

The winner was Josh . The UK Entry song is called "That sounds good to me"

The UK will go straight to the Eurovision Final on Saturday 29 May 2010.

UK Viewers (and anyone who can get Digital TV).
Here were some of the Eurovision Specials (More when known)
This list may change.
Red Shows that it is only on Digital TV (Sky, Cable and Freeview)
Timing subject to change

Also available via BBC iplayer for up to a week after each show.

Friday 12 March BBC1 20:30 - 22:00 Your Country Needs You
Tuesday 25 May BBC3 20:00 - 22:30 Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final 1 LIVE
Thursday 27 May BBC3 20:00 - 22:30 Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final 2 LIVE
Saturday 29 May BBC1 and BBC HD 20:00 - 23:20 Eurovision Song Contest LIVE
Saturday 29 May via BBCi Red Button Eurovision Song Contest LIVE Interactive

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