Worcester Floods 2000 Page 5

The river Severn runs through Worcester. When it floods, some spectacular views of Worcester comes alive. These photos were taken on Saturday 4 November 2000. These pictures are the after shots of the floods since access to this area was prohibited due to all roads either side of the river was completely flooded.

These pictures on this page 4 and page 5 shows how the floods affected the roads. Normally at 4pm on a Saturday, these roads are very busy. They were closed when I was there.

All digital photographs were taken by me.

The road next to the race course That lorry is in a car park which is flooded. How is the driver going to get out?
Another busy junction. Empty on a Saturday? I took this standing in the middle of the road. Road full of people, not cars! Two days earlier, this road was flooded
Another car park flooded Where is the traffic! I took this standing in the middle of the road. Two days earlier, this road was flooded. The pub on the right has water inside.
Another busy junction. Instead, men digging up the road for some reason? (Blue van at middle right of the picture) Entrance to Crowngate car park, closed, on a Saturday! You will never see this situation again, unless more flooding comes!

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