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Hong Kong Scenery - Tai Po and Fanling

Pictures from Hong Kong. Tai Po and Fanling. Both these towns are located at the north eastern part of Hong Kong. Fanling is very close to the Hong Kong/Mainland China Border. Not many tourist come this far, but this is what the other part of Hong Kong Look Like.

A bridge in Tai Po A temple in Fanling
The river in Tai Po (smelly) The remains after a fire in Leung Wo Hui (Fanling)
The railway museum in Tai Po The railway museum in Tai Po
A park outside Leung Wo Hui (Fanling) A park outside Leung Wo Hui (Fanling)
Bananas growing wild Flats in Leung Wo Hui (Fanling) They should be built by now as I took them in Spring 2000.
Leung Wo Hui (Fanling) Leung Wo Hui (Fanling)

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