Madrid 2005

Day 3 - Zoo Madrid, Teleférico, Football Match
Sunday 20 March 2005
Day 4 - Departure
Monday 21 March 2005

Day 3

As we headed to Breakfast, 2 Malaga players was in the same lift as we were going down! Shame I did not know who they are. There are a few players in the breakfast restaurant.

The Zoo and Teleférico cable car are not part of the prize and we paid for. After Breakfast, we headed toward Zoo Madrid, which was located at Casa De Campo. It was about a 10 minute walk from the metro station to the Zoo. After trying to speak Spanish to get the tickets, we went in and walked around the zoo. Many animals there including a bear which stands up, a bird of prey show, a dolphin show and many other exhibitions. It was quite good getting close up to some of the animals. It was also a nice sunny day about 25C.

After the zoo, we looked at the map and see how to get to the Cable Car. As it is not a direct route and being warned that the park is unsafe, we decided to take the metro to 2 stations down the line. We saw the cable car in the distance. It would not be an easy walk. After getting off at Lago station and walk past Lago Lake. What a view. Behind the lake was the Madrid towers. After trying to find our way, there was 1 road sign and we tried to follow it. After 30 minutes cross country walk, we arrived. While walking up, we saw in the distance, a theme park, Parque De Atracciones. We did not visit it as we did not have time and also we did not know it existed


After a look at the view, we headed to the cable car and tried to get a one way ticket back to Parque del Oeste. Our Spanish failed again and ended doing sign language! From the cable car, what a view. This is the first city I have been too which had a cable car. It cross the park, a river, railway line, a motorway, many buildings and more. It is 2.5km in length. After we reached out destination, we found the nearest metro and headed back to the hotel to get ready for the evening football match.

We were picked up at 6pm from the hotel and headed to the Bernabeu stadium. There was already a big crowd. Traffic around the stadium was busy. We waited around 20 minutes for our other guest to arrive to give us our tickets. After we were given our tickets, (VIP tickets), we headed inside and to our seats. We were sat behind the corner position and our seats had cushions! After 10 minutes in finding our seats, the game started, Real Madrid vs Malaga. It was an important match which Real Madrid must win to have a chance to catch up Barcelona in the league. It was a great game. Several attempt at a goal and none scored. Half time, we tried to find the hospitality suite for half time refreshment. Up and down the stadium and eventually found the room. It was 10 minutes later. Before we knew it, the second half have already started. It was 10 minute into the second half before we got back. After about 20 minutes, Real Madrid Scored and the whole stadium cheered. We did not see the goal as Real Madrid was playing towards the other end of where we were sitting. Final score was Real Madrid 1, Malaga 0.

After the game, we were taken outside of the stadium, walked round and headed to the players family room to get our shirt signed. The shirt was taken away and we had more refreshment and hang around in the room. Several players walked out, including midfielder, Ivan Helguera, Guti and Santiago Solari. I had pictures taken with them. Also met the Vice president of Real Madrid/ General Sport Director of the club, Emilio Butragueño. To be honest, I did not know the players but it was good to know who they were at a later date. The shirt arrived back signed by 10 of the players including David Beckham. Did not meet David Beckham but getting his autograph must be good! Shame that Michael Owen is not in the shirt. We did wait about an hour to see who else would turned up, even though we were hungry.

Afterwards, we left the room, pass the Malaga bus and lots of  football fans. We were VIP guest! Then we were taken to our evening restaurant, a nice paella place, La Barraca. It is probably one of the best restaurants for Paella in Madrid. Nice meal, more starters (yes, those croquets returned with salad) and a nice meat (chicken) paella. A little crème caramel for desert and back to the hotel.

Day 4

Left the hotel and headed back to the airport, but this time via the tunnels. We were delayed from picked up as all the traffic which was diverted from the road next to the building which caught fire went on this road outside of the hotel. A few photos of the airport, checked in, headed to the departure lounge where I spent my last euros in the terminal shops and then the flight back to Birmingham. As it was clear skies, I saw Madrid from the sky. What a beautiful place from the sky. Also saw other places on route from 30,000 feet. Landed in Birmingham 2 hours 10 minutes later and back to cold Birmingham.

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