Madrid 2005

Let me start, who enters holiday competition and think that you never win. That is exactly what I thought!

In my workplace, there was a staff only competition for a trip to Madrid for 3 nights includes a football match, a signed shirt and an opportunity for a penalty shootout (which never happened due to problems).

I entered the competition on Thursday 21 October 2004 via email, the closing date was on Monday 25 October and I received a phone call on Tuesday 26 October 2004 saying that I won the competition!

It was an all expenses paid trip including a 4 star hotel, and all meals. What was not included was the extras things we wanted to do, eg. Zoo Madrid*, the Cable Car (Teleférico*) and Bus Tour (Madrid Vision) (*Some of the sites are in Spanish and all links open in a new window)

Here is my diary of events over the 3 days from Friday 18 March 2005 to Monday 21 March 2005. 2 ways in seeing this, by diary or by photos. Click on the photo to go to the page with photos. I apologise in advance for some of the Spanish names and words used there. I cannot always get the accent on the keyboard! Also I do apologise if I make any mistakes here.

Diary of Events (there are some photos here)

Day 1 - Arrive in Madrid
Day 2 - Tour of Madrid, Tour of Bernabeu Stadium, Bus tour
Day 3 - Zoo Madrid, Teleférico, Football Match, Day 4 - Departure

Photos (21 pages worth, over 220 photos in total!)

Day 1: Walk around the park, evening Day 2: Bus Tour
Day 2: Tour of Madrid Day 3: Zoo Madrid
Day 2: Tour of Football Stadium Day 3 : Cable Car (Teleférico)
Day 2: Walks Around Madrid Day 3: Football Match

I will not forget this holiday and what a prize. Cannot really put a value of it. A holiday of a lifetime.

*By the way, the answer is San Miguel

Some links to Spanish Sites

Zoo Madrid
Madrid Vision

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