Millennium Dome 2000

The Dome Page 5

The theme here is the Living Island Zone and Shared Ground Zone

These photos were taken on Wednesday 2 August 2000.

Dome Dome
The beach! A wall built entirely of paper cups!
Dome Dome
A view from somewhere up high The boat used in the James Bond film, The World is Not Enough.
Dome Dome
An ariel view of the dome. Only joking, it is a model! Now inside the Shared Ground Zone.
Dome Dome
One of 2 time capsules, including lottery tickets, a mobile phone and a Pikachu! One of 2 time capsules, including the teletubbies, a tea pot and a Tesco Clubcard!
Dome Dome
This structure is made out of cardboard, donated by BBC's Blue Peter Viewers The Fun Zone. Foam balls are flying everywhere inside it! A strictly no adult zone!

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