Eurovision Song Contest Theme

Every year since 2002, each contest has a theme.

Year Host Country Theme Logo
2022 Italy The Sound of Beauty
2021 The Netherland Open Up
2020 The Netherlands Open Up
2019 Israel Dare to Dream
2018 Portugal All Aboard
2017 Ukraine Celebrate Diversity
2016 Sweden Come Together
2015 Austria Building Bridges
2014 Denmark #Join Us
2013 Sweden We Are One
2012 Azerbaijan Light Your Fire
2011 Germany Feel Your Heart Beat!
2010 Norway Share The Moment
2009 Russia No Theme
2008 Serbia Confluence of Sound
2007 Finland True Fantasy
2006 Athens Feel The Rhythm
2005 Kiev Awakening
2004 Istanbul Under The Same Sky
2003 Latvia Magical Rendez-vous
2002 Estonia A Modern Fairytale

The full jury score sheet can be downloaded from here, including the entries. Please click here for details.

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