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This section is designed for anyone who is interested in The Quality of Teaching in Higher Education. This was my project which I've done during my final year of a BSc Computing Information Systems Degree, at the University of Central England in Birmingham, England, in 1996. This project can be downloaded. See bottom of page. The project was also called Student Market Research Survey.

The following is an extract of the project (well it is the introduction in the report).

The quality in Higher Education is an important issue, especially in Teaching, to improve the students learning experience. What is quality in Higher Education. Why do we need to measure Quality. How do we measure quality in Higher Education. This report will show some of the issues of the above. This will lead to the implementation of the automated student satisfaction survey program.

The analysis of data is currently done manually and done outside of the computing and information studies faculty. On the other hand, how do we collect the data from student about what they think about a particular teaching staff. There are many ways in collecting data. The most common way is to conduct a student questionnaire, where students reply to set questions and using the answers, will help in determine if the lecturer is doing well. This report will also show what are surveys and why are they done.

Other ways such as staff appraisals or observing teaching staff by a person sitting in a lecture, are used along with the questionnaires.

Please note that this project was written when Windows 3.1/95 was around and it seems quite old technology!
Delphi 1
Microsoft Word 6
Windows 3.1 and Windows 95

All files, except Delphi source code, is in Microsoft Word 6 or 7 format, .DOC extension.

To download the contents page to see what chapters and sub headings are included, 8K download zipped file, (47K Unzipped), click here. (

To download the project documentation, 123 Pages, 150K download zipped file, (1.4MB when unzipped) click here. (

To download the appendices to supplement the documentation, including instructions to the program, 352K download zipped file, (10MB when unzipped), click here. ( Appendix A is not available in standard download. See Source Code below.

To download the program, fully working, 185K download zipped file, (553K when unzipped), click here. ( Instructions found in appendices. Click on the above option.

The Program Listing is not available here using the standard download. If you require the Program Listing, there are two versions available free of charge:

1 : Source Code (Printed) - 238K download Pkzipped file. This version is Appendix A complete. You cannot compile the code, even if you try!!

2: Source Code (Delphi Actual Code) - 393K download Pkzipped file. This version is the Full Delphi Code, which you can just load into Delphi and compile. Complete with Graphic Files. Helpful for those who want to know how to open, save file, print, using list boxes. There are over 7000 lines of code here!

If you require either or both version, please email me at the link below and I will give you the URL address(es) to type in and download. This is done to control the distribution of the source code. I did spend 100 hours (if done continuously) and three months to code. Please include your name, email address and indicating which one or both you wish to download. Please allow 7 days for a reply.

My final mark for this project was 56%. It must be good! If you do use any material, please make the relevant references in your use.

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