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Welcome to my CBBC 1997 Big Bash Page.

All photographs were taken by me. These pictures were taken at the CBBC Big Bash on Sunday 26 October 1997.

The Main Stage. Broadcasting live on BBC2 Television. Oatis and Kirsten, in rehearsal for Live BBC2 Broadcast
The cast from Out of Tune Blue Peter's Katy Hill
The Pop Group, No Sweat Jake and Mark from Smart
Here's one I took earlier! It's Richard Bacon. It's Paul Hendy in an interview.

The 1997 show is the largest since 1994, with 3 halls at the NEC, Birmingham, UK. There was the Little Bash, for pre-school children, the Main Stage, the Pantomime and the sports area. There were live broastcast on BBC television and I know who plays Oatis the aardvark. I'm not telling!

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