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Welcome to my CBBC 1998 Big Bash Page.

All photographs were taken by me. These pictures were taken at the CBBC Big Bash on Saturday 28 November 1998.

The CBBC Big Bash Main Stage Set. Konnie Huq from Blue Peter talking to Dr Chris Bull from Newsround What is going on here. It's that trick that a blade is inserted into this thing and suppose to cut someones head off. Don't worry, it is just a trick
The Chuckle Brothers The Main Stage preparing for the live transmission on Live and Kicking on BBC1
Rehearsals before the live transmission Kristen O'Brien talking about the panto
Rick Adams from It'll never work and a cameraman! Here you see Toby Anstis talking to two children from BBC's The Fame Game. Jade from Byker Grove and Justin, a singer.
Dr Chris Bull and Konnie Huq

The 1998 show was even largest than the 1997 show, with 3 halls at the NEC, Birmingham, UK. Again, there was the Little Bash, for pre-school children, the Main Stage, the Pantomime and the sports area. There were live broastcast on BBC television, Live and Kicking.

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