CBBC Big Bash 97 Panto Page

Welcome to my CBBC 1997 Big Bash Panto Page.

All photographs were taken by me. These pictures were taken at the CBBC Big Bash on Sunday 26 October 1997.

At the CBBC Big Bash Pantomime, Demon headmaster takes over Television, he tries to show 24 hour News and Open University programmes and only the CBBC presenters can stop him. It was televised on BBC on Christmas Day 97, and someone at work spotted me on Television in the Audience. There's my 2 seconds of fame!

Chris Jarvis and Ben Freeman (Grange Hill) with weird haircuts! Peter Simon, Katy Hill and a Cameraman, making something.
Someone getting Gunged! Peter Simon, Michaela Strachan, Chris Jarvis, Ben Freeman (Grange Hill), Joanne Macintosh (Byker Grove), Look out, there is a custard pie!
Ben Freeman, Peter Simon, Josie D'arby, Chris Jarvis and oh yeah, the cameraman! Cheryl Baker and Peter Simon, breaking a world record, for the loudest applause. We broke it, I think!
Pop Group Damaged Ben Freeman, Joanne Macintosh, Cheryl Baker, Michaela Strachan and 2 other people.
3 members from Pop Group Damage, Dave Benson Phillips, Ben Freeman and Chris Jarvis Pop group North and South, Katy Hill, Chris Jarvis, 2 members of Pop group, Damage,

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