CBBC Big Bash 98 Panto Page 2

Welcome to my CBBC 1998 Big Bash Panto Page.

All photographs were taken by me. These pictures were taken at the CBBC Big Bash Pantomime on Saturday 28 November 1998.

Chris Jarvis, as the cook The chuckle Brothers
Yes, I know it is rude, but it's a cucumber. One of the chuckle brother was planning to cut it off! No complaints please! Everyone was laughing for a long time! He scores a bullseye. No, not the cow, the dart board!
Christan Fry as the guest singer. Earlier in the Big Bash, he was known as Crisp and Fry (A well know cooking oil!) The end. Dave Benson Phillips, Mr Blobby and Kristen O'Brien
Some more of the cast Even more of the cast

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