Atomic Kitten Concert

At the Ross International Festival
Ross On Wye, Herefordshire

Sunday 27 August 2001

On Sunday 27 August 2001, I had a opportunity of seeing pop group, Atomic Kitten in Concert at the Ross International Festival, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire, UK. It was reschedule from the previous Wednesday, due to they re-shooting "Whole Again" in the US again.

Very surprising that a big act, namely Atomic Kitten, decided to play at Ross. I only live 12 miles away from Ross!

A1, The Honeyz and Dane Bowers also played at Ross on the Wednesday before the concert.

Ross International Festival. The Venue is in a field next to the River Wye!

Unlike other concert I visited, this one was in a tent in a middle of a field next to the River Wye. It was a nice day and everyone was enjoying themselves. The concert started later than planned, due to Atomic Kitten rehearsing. Estimated number of ticket holders were around 1,200.

As I was in the fourth row, I had a very good view. You can tell with the photos below. Supporting acts were "Times Four" and "Point Blank"

Around 3:15pm, the show started with "Times Four". Then the next supporting act, "Point Blank" came on to sing some of their songs. Both groups used a backing track for their music. Atomic Kitten came on at 4pm and sang many of their songs, including "Right Now", the 2 number 1 hits, "Eternal Flame" and "Whole Again". Atomic Kitten had a real band and not used a backing track. Jenny forgotten some of the words as she was the newest member of the band, since Kerry Left earlier in the year. They finished around 4:40pm. Outside, there was a queue forming for autographs. 30 minutes later, Atomic Kitten left the venue in a car without signing autographs. Oh well, it was a great day, and nothing like the NEC Arena in Birmingham.

Atomic Kitten came on stage In between songs. Where's the other one!
The kitten's singing Eternal Flame Has she forgotten the words!
What are they smiling at? Natasha dancing away
Lil pointing to something, oh yeah, a child singing a line of a song! Jenny Singing!
Another view of Jenny The finale

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