Kylie Concert

At the NEC Arena, Birmingham

Thursday 9 May 2002

On Thursday 9 May 2002, I had a opportunity of seeing the Kylie Minogue Concert at the National Exhibition Centre Arena (NEC Arena) in Birmingham, UK. I ordered the tickets a massive 7 months before the concert.

I arrived in Birmingham NEC at 6:30pm. The NEC arena is the easiest place to get to, with fast direct train access from Birmingham and London. I arrived at the NEC by car next to the M42. I headed to the NEC main entrance. The ticket for the concert was 28.00, brought in November 2001 via the internet. This has been the longest wait between buying a ticket and seeing the concert

I found my way to my seat at around 7:10pm. There was a supporting band, but they were so bad that I can't remember them!

I was in 2nd row hence the picture quality. There were too many pictures for one page so it is split into 4 pages.

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Warning : Page 2 and 3 Contains some adult scenes of Kylie Minogue and may be unsuitable for Children

It's a robot No, its Kylie coming out of her shell!
The Opening Number Sleeping already
Just leaning on his person Another change of clothes
Looking smart A strange glow of red lights in the arena
Pint Size Kylie Watch it, I am looking at you
She Spotted Someone Attention!

Page 2 of Kylie Concert

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