Westlife Concert

At the NEC Arena, Birmingham

Wednesday 22 May 2002

On Wednesday 22 May 2002, I had a opportunity of seeing the Westlife Concert at the National Exhibition Centre Arena (NEC Arena) in Birmingham, UK. I ordered the tickets a massive 7 months before the concert. This is the second concert I visited at the NEC in 2 weeks.

I arrived in Birmingham NEC at 6:00pm. The NEC arena is the easiest place to get to, with fast direct train access from Birmingham and London. I arrived at the NEC by car next to the M42. I headed to the NEC main entrance. The ticket for the concert was 28.00, brought in November 2001 via the internet.

I found my way to my seat at around 7:00pm. This is one of the best seating arrangement I have come across. The stage was in the middle of the arena and everyone had a good view, no matter where they sat in the arena. There were 2 supporting band, Lauren Waterworth and Six (The Irish Popstars or put it another away, the Irish Equivant of Hear'say). The Irish Popstars is being shown on SM:TV in UK on Saturday Mornings. I also spotted Brian's Wife, Ex Atomic Kitten Kerry, at the mixing deck.

Most of the photos here are editing as I was further away from the stage. There were too many pictures for one page so it is split into 5 pages. (Have I gone mad!)

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It's the Lauren Waterworth Show Single out the same week as the concert!
3 Members of Six Here are all six members of Six!
Where are they pointing Their Arms are going all over the place
The world's in "World of our Own" Shane on the big screen
Kian coming out of the world The Westlife on an end of a rope!
Westlife has landed! Smile!

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