Steps Concert

At the NEC Arena, Birmingham

Tuesday 5 December 2000

On Tuesday 5 December 2000, I had another opportunity of seeing one of my favourite pop group, Steps in Concert at the National Exhibition Centre Arena (NEC Arena) in Birmingham, UK. I booked this ticket only in November 2000! Short time in concert terms!

I arrived in Birmingham NEC at 6pm. The NEC arena is the easiest place to get to, with fast direct train access from Birmingham and London. I arrived at the NEC by car next to the M42. I brought a programme for 8, and various amounts of food. I stuff myself on a hot potato, nice! The ticket for the concert was 22, brought in November via the internet (necgroup).

I found my way to my seat at around 6:30pm and just sat there looking at the set and the programme I brought. It started to fill up nearer to 7:30pm, the schedule start time, however where I was sitting, they all didn't turn up until 8pm. Steps didn't come on until 8:40pm. From 7:30pm, 3 supporting groups came onto the stage, all singing 3 songs each. In order, DNA, Girls@Play and Atomic Kitten. The support groups in total lasted for 1 hour. Steps came on a 8:40pm and finished at around 10:10pm.

The songs were One For Sorrow / Deeper Shade Of Blue / Love's Got A Hold Of My Heart / /"H" Solo / After The Love Has Gone / Heart Beat / Here And Now / "Faye" Solo / The Way You Make Me Feel / "Claire" Solo / Words Are Not Enough / I Know Him So Well / "Lisa" Solo / Baby Don't Dance / Last Thing On My Mind / "Lee" Solo / You'll Be Sorry / Medley - Better The Devil You Know-Summer Of Love-Better Best Forgotten / Words Are Not Enough (Video Showing) / Stomp / Tragedy / Chain Reation

Due to the lighting and my digital camera, the picture quality is normally not very good, but because I sat in the fourth fow from the front, these are the best photos I have taken out of all the concert I have visited. With a bit of carefully zooming in some pictures and my art program, I achieved the following photos.

Girls@Play Atomic Kitten
Girls@Play, one of the supporting bands Atomic Kitten, another of the supporting bands
Steps Staircase Singing
Steps finally come on stage Singing on the Staircase
Lisa Solo
Claire is doing here solo bit Lisa (on the right in the white dress) singing her solo bit
Stomping Time again Another song
Egyptian Lisa Waving
Lee doing the Egyptian bit Lisa is waving to us! (on the left). Faye and Lee looking strange!
Smile, you're on camera Lisa is hiding somewhere?
Smile at the (Video) camera! Claire, Faye, Lee and H. Lisa is hiding somewhere?
One for sorrow Onlooking dancers
Is this one for sorrow? Are those dancers at the back looking at something?
Red goes with Christmas! Singing Chrismas Songs
Red goes with Christmas! Singing yet more Christmas Songs

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