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For all those people who are interested in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, here are some comments which visitors have sent in to me regarding the 2003 contest.

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Here are some of the comments I have received about the Junior Eurovision Song, beginning with mine! I was not intended to have this but due to the the amount of emails I have, I decided to put this here. Some mix comments here but a lot due to the UK commentator. Please note that these are the comments of visitors of this site and some you may disagree. It is everyone's opinion whether you agree or disagree. ITV take note for next year! How about a repeat on ITV2 for those who missed it! I will try and forward any comments on about the whole thing, not to an artist.

I thought the contest was excellent. What ruined it was the adverts on ITV1, Tara and Mark talking over parts so difficult to hear what is going on. Bring back Terry Wogan! Lucky for the DVD to come out with no Tara or Mark voiceover! What are those children waving at the camera between the songs. Who decided to put a camera there! There is a bit too much colour on screen in some places including the telephone number for voting. Strange that they did not repeat the voting in French as well as English. 2 songs in English. Oh well. Lets hope Belarus do well in the 2004 main contest. (Johnny (me website owner)) UPDATE : The Official DVD. Too much was cut out, including Sugababes and Busted. Also the intro with the Kids from Fame at the beginning of the contest. Also saw bits on the DVD which was not televised in the UK.

Having just heard a few entries on television - I do think the backings were way too loud.  I couldn't hear/understand what the singers were saying.  I then switched off. (E. A. Laurens)

Thanks for the info on the website, but next year if you do this please make the voting numbers available! I missed them on the the show. (David)

We thoroughly enjoyed the show tonight. Can you tell me how to get tickets for next year's show please? (Liz)

Myself and my young daughter would have enjoyed the competition this evening if only we could have heard it!  I am refering to the constant interuptions from Tara and whoever the male presenter was. Their constant snide remarks throughout the competition and the results could not be enjoyed.  Please ban them next year! I know Terry Wogan make's remarks throughout the eurovision, but at least they are witty, and in the right place!! I am very angry, my daughter and I spent the last 30 minutes of the programme yelling at the television for them to shut up (J.E Ritch)

Where can I complain about the UK commentators we had to put up with during the competition.  There commentary was rascist, negative, personal against the children involved in performing and the children announcing the scores. I was ashamed and angered by the constant talking of these commentators who had nothing valuable to say despite the never ending amount of it! At one point my daughter burst into tears because the adults were so horrible. We are totally disgusted at the poor sportsmanship and lack of ability to let the veiwers enjoy and judge for themselves the evenings entertainment.  Is this the way we want our children to view the world we live in! Let no-one claim americans are arrogant if this is how the UK view the world's CHILDREN! (Julie Prytherch)

I think that the Junior Eurovision this year was great!!! The songs were ok. I think that the big surprise of the night was Belarus. A not so good song, but that's the eurovision. I think that we got a great placing. 3 12 points from Denmark, Malta and Belarus which was excellent!!!Croatia wasn't a bad song. He's got one hell of a voice. It's a shame from Spain though. The singers mum died a few months ago and he song was for her.I was disappointed with the commentary with Tara and Mark. Just wouldn't stop talking. As the presenters were speaking in English all the time, we coud'nt'nt here what they were saying. I just hope there aren't hosting next year!!! Overall, well done Tom Morley!!! You did the United Kingdom Proud!! (Ciaran Tuttiett)

We would like to say how much we enjoyed watching the contest tonight, the talent of these children is phenomenal, we particularly liked the lad from Croatia and expected him to win from first seeing him, but our Tom for the U.K. was brilliant too, as was Sergio from Spain, a very plucky boy. The show was spoilt unfortunately by the two British Presenters Mark Durden-Smith and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson by talking over the other presenters of the show in Denmark, even more so when the scoring was being presented, particularly  Ms Palmer-Tomkinson who as usual was talking a load of rubbish and really spoiling the enjoyment for the viewers who could not hear the important things that were being said.  Apart from that all the children were exceptional and should do well in the future.  (Gill and Graham Harper)  

I think Croatia were'nt the best at all! I didnt think it was  a fair vote as countries voted for their neighbours,not fair at all!Another thing, Tara and whoever the other person was they shouldnt have talked constantly through it as it may have lost viewers and it was very annoying. This may sound a bit biased but i think the uk's entry was the best. Especially with Tom singing it hes gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As i am 11 and live in Leeds from a kids point of view, i think the show was abserloutely brilliant except for the commentating. (Nicola)

I enjoyed watching the show.....Tom you were brill and you did UK proud.I sat in tears listening to Tom's song,very powerful and moving.......In my book Tom Should have won.Well Done Tom :) All The children did well,so talented and of course we do have favourites. The British Presenters Mark Durden-Smith and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson shame on you both,what example were you two giving these children?The snide and rude remarks you both made were very umprofessional,please decline next years presentation and let someone who knows how to present a show do it. Danes Camilla Ottesen and rapper Remee who hosted this event could not be heard properly as the UK presenters kept talking!! Just a thought maybe we should have Children presenting the show next year....They will do a better job than Mark & Tara for sure. Again WELL DONE TOM....I for one am very proud you represented the UK (Ani)

Much to my families annoyance I insisted on watching the Junior Eurovision and would have enjoyed it if it weren't for the inane and senseless prattle by Tara & Mark.  They ruined the whole evening for me. As for Tom Morley, what a singer and only 10 years old.  Watch out Enrique, we have a star in the making here! (Jackie Warren)

The programme was excellent but was spoilt by the silly babble from the commentators in the UK which interrupted  and spoilt the English broadcast from Denmark.I know adverts pay the bills,but could they not have been at the beginning and end instead of interrupting the show? Come back BBC,all is forgiven! (Mike Weeks).

Tara Palmer Tompkinson was doing my head in and so was that bloke. Croatia song was alright, my favourite was the song from FYR Macedonia. The standard of singing was not so good. I would rather watch the adults version anyday!! (Tom Dig)

I think that presenter Tara Palmer Tompkinson was a presenter from hell. I honestly think that she spoilt all the pleasure of watching the contest . Apalling. (I. Ashworth)

Idefinatly think that Tom Morley should of won he is a brilliant singer the best i've ever heard when the cd comes out in the shops me and my mates will definatley be buying it and putting his song repeat. Me and my mates also think that tom should go in for next years contest. When we found out that Tom lost we cryed because we know that he has got what it takes to be a profesional singer. Great show we loved Tom he was excellent I hope its as good next year and Ihope that Tom takes part. (Carly and Vicky)

There was more talent in this Junior Eurovision Song Contest than in the adult version.  Possibly one advantage is that the singers had to have written their own songs. Bubu was a delight. He got my vote (pity he didn't win), but congrats to Dino. Tom Morley did the UK, and himself,  proud .. and I'm sure he'll go on to greater things. Only criticism I have is that Tara and Mark talked too much, even over the winning song. They seemed to think that the show was about them. (Alan)

I absolutely luv Tom Morley. He is the Best. The song that won was good. But the UK should of won because Tom is just the best ever. I luv Tom Morley. (Claire)

I thoroughly enjoyed the contest last night and I think that Tom Morley did us proud! 3rd place is nothing to be ashamed of! We did deserve to win of course, but I do not deny that the winning song was very good. Well done Croatia, good stuff!! Mark and Tara, shame on you two! Your remarks were not required most of the time, and were often rather rude. Witty remarks are allowed between songs, but please keep quiet during the songs and when the presenters are talking. We have to hear what's going on! I think Terry Wogan should be employed for next years Kids Eurovision. He is the wittiest man alive! Well done Tom and well done Croatia. Great competition!! (Scotty)

I just have to say what a complete and utter shambles the Junior Eurovision Song Contest was from start to finish! The UKs two presenters were just out and out rude with their pathetic comments, Terry Wogan they are not!! Also, they were talking over nearly all the voting so it was difficult to hear what was being said. The standard off some of the countries songs were terrible and I have to say that if certain countries entrants was its best, then I dread to think what the other songs must have been like! The whole thing was just a farce and will have to be totally re thought about before we have  contest hear next year. It makes me cringe to think we could do something as bad as that. I have loverd Eurovision for years and years but this was just taking the mick big time. Congrats to young Tom Morley for coming 3rd  but am afraid that is my only good comment. (Ken Hastings)

I thought it ws brilliant and the songs where great but I hated the commentators nthe were the most horrible people.My Favourite song was from belarus and the one from Norway. Anyway the show was fab and tom did great. (Scott Mooney)

I'd just like to say that I absolutely loved the Junior Eurovision Song Contest! Although not all the acts were that good, I think a lot of them were outstanding! My favourite of course was Tom Morley! He REALLY should've won as he was SO perfect in everything to do with his performance. He has it all, talent, great singing voice, big heart and great song-writing skills! He deserves to be allowed to release this song as a single as well as have albums made and released! Please don't let this be the last we hear from him for a while! (John Wells)

I would like to say my personal point of view of the very unprofessional job of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Mark Durden-Smith during children Eurovision. Their comments about participants were very unprofessional and insulting. As Latvian I was very surprised of Ms. Palmer-Tomkinson`s and Mr. Durden-Smith`s comments concernig Latvian representative Dzintars Cica. I consider that Ms. Palmer-Tomkinson and Mr. Durden-Smith insulted not only the very talanted boy , but the whole Latvian nation. I consider that Ms. Palmer-Tomkinson and Mr. Durden-Smith are not appropriate for the job they are doing. Besides, they also bring upon shame the UK. (Baiba Beinarovica)

My name is Ruth and I think the contest was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! My fave song was definitely My song for the world. And I'm not from the UK but from the Netherlands so, but I also loved the spanish song wich was great 2, that boy has a really innocent voice. I hope they'll go on with the junior contest for many years and maybe even quit the official contest becouse this is much much better and can also be seen by kids becouse the way the dress and stuff is at the official contest is a really bad example for kids. (Ruth)

I come from Latvia and I was so disappointed by the people who did commentry the contest. I just want to say, if those people don’t know what to say, they should better keep their mouth shut because Latvia is not Russia and we have nothing to do with that country now more than 10 years now. Maybe you should read and learn some history before you make comments like that and I didn’t think it is nice to call those children awful or big. They are just children and you shouldn’t be laughing of the way those children speak English because most of the people here in UK know just one language and now I know that you don’t know anything about what’s going on in other countries and what is what. Tara palmer-Tomkinson and Mark Durden-Smith, thank you both for the ruined night. You ruined all my joy about that contest and I know it is not nice to say but Iam happy that UK didn’t win this contest because of the way you commented it. It was disgusting!!!! (Iveta Kanapole)

I'm from the Netherlands and I loved the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Even my dad agreed with me when I said the songs, artists and quality of the performance was even better than at the regular Eurovision Song Contest (for adults). My compliments go to all of the kids, great work! And, I also agree with many others about the bad commentry. They just read all from a monitor, instead of speaking it fluently and making it up themselves. Although, a great evening, even better than the regular contest, my whole family agreed! (Koen)

We think that Tom Morley was the best in the Eurovision song contest, he should have won! Sorry you didīnt make it the whole way… but just so u know, we voted for you (Sofia and Alexandra)

I Live in the UK, and I really think that the Junior Eurovision(In Denmark) was really good, But it was kind of disapointing By Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and that other person had spoiled it, exspeically when it came to the votes come in and when the girl said her name was Brussels, Tara made a very RUDE joke about saying Brussels Sprouts. And i really don't think that was fair and very very mean, And all so when i phoned up i dailed the wrong button and it said my vote had been counted for the UK, Which shouldn't have happened.And Tara also said about when that girl was singing for Malta, Tara went "Oooh Nice Ribbons, Not." I mean was that really nessaray? And i really wanted Tom Morly to win as he was singing for the UK, and i was upset i couldn't vote for him.(But in way i did, but my vote didn't count.) I really liked The Eurovision and i hope Tom Morly goes for the Eurovision next year becasue he is so cute and he has a great voice. But i really really really do think that the Junior Eurovision will be much much better if Tara and that other person were not making rude remarks about kids from other countries, and that they was not talking over the proformances. (Edwina & Hollie)

I'm from belgium, and i'm not so good in english. So i hope you can understand me! i'm a little bit disapponded because the people who called where "old". I mean that they not loved hard music, and i think that it is the best music of it all. So i'm a little bit disapponded. I hope that you can understand me??? So that was my reaction, greets from the people of Antwerpen, that is a city in Belgium. (Stefaan Verstraelen)

I was suprisingly impressed withit. I thought all of the competitors should be very proud of themselves. They were all excellent singers and had great voices. They had a lot more courage than me to get up on the stage and to be able to write the songs that they did at that age without any professional help, well that is just fantastic.
Good look to them all in the future. (Collingeunit)

Just wanted to add my Congratulations to Tom Morley on his fantastic song 'My Song for the World'.  He sang it with so much feeling and it was so lovely to see someone of his age express the feelings that most of the nation were feeling at that time.  I used to live a few miles from Cleator Moor in Whitehaven. Well done Tom. You did not only Cumbria,  but the UK Proud.  I'm sure your family are even more proud of you than we are.  Hope to hear more from you very soon.  (A. Galbraith)

i just thought that dino was really great form his biggest fan (sarah louise addison)

just wanna say that dino was the best because he sang in croatian i love croatia....his song was great......go dino ..im a fan..... (marina)

I would just like to say that it was a really great show last night. I wanted Norway to win but when I realised that they had no chance, I wanted either Croatia or The UK to win. Malta's performance was ok-I thought that the girl had a really good voice but I wasn't too keen on the song. The two UK presenters were really annying- you couldn't hear any of the important parts that the other presenters were saying. I thought that it was really unfair the way that they slagged everyone off- it takes guts to go up there and perform like that.I hope that they don't come back next year. (Katie)

With regards to the new Eurovision song contest, those idiots that were commentating in there little box were a disgrace They were putting other children down all the time. Me and the missus both feel it was disgusting the way they were going on all the time! Also that was Tom’s show he should have won. (Martin Chadwick)

I thought the the concert was brill i really enjoyed it. The only thing that i didnt like was  Tara and Mark's voiceover they were talking and you counldn't hear what was going on in the background. i couldnt help but cry when Tom was singing he has a lovely voice. i taped the show and have watched it about 100 times since, i think Croatia deserved to win Dino's song is very catchy and i love it i would like to wish Dino well with his album in Croatia. i would like to say a BIG WELL DONE to Tom. (Rebecca)

I think the JESC was great!!!  Most of the songs were good.  Many congratulation to Dino from Croatia.  I think his song is brilliant and he deserved to win with his performance. I think he's great voice!   I also enjoyed the others like the ballad from Spain and our UK entry.   I would also like to make a point about the UK commentary.  Tara and Mark were ok but they just couldn't stop talking. I rather have Terry Wogan for his tongue and cheek commentary anyday.  And finally, I would like to say well done Tom!!! You did the United Kingdom Proud!! (Shau Chan)

Junior Eurovision was the best an idea since eurovision! Tom morley and his song `my song for the world` was so overarching! (Johanna)

Great.  I thought that there were at least 4 really good songs, which at about 25 percent is a little less than the senior Eurovision contest.  Despite the traditional biased voting, the top three could have been my top three.  Croatia best performance on stage, voice, confidence, working the audience etc.  Despite the decision to allow him to fake playing the piano.  Spain most courageous and best overall performance given what he must have been going through on the night.  UK most talented song writer.  Great addition to the Eurovision stable.   (S. O'Shea)

Junior eurovision was fun – even if the two presenters were awful. I also thought the commentary from Tara and that other muppet was awful. The standard of the songs and dancing was in many respects better than the main eurovision contest. I thought our lad did very well in the end. His performance was much improved since he won the UK heat. (Graham Wilson)

I watched the show with my Mum and we had a great laugh at some of the songs and the clothes. We didn't know it was even on. Tara and Mark should be
ashamed of themselves.. My Mum says she should stick with her adverts for crisps because her voice is soooo annoying. (Adam)

I would just like to say that I agree with all the people who didn't like Tara's commentary - get rid of her! I also agree with your comment. I was disappointed that Belarus didn't do very well as I thought their song was very good and I even tried to ring up and vote for it but couldn't get through. I reckon it was fixed so that not many people could get through because it was good and it may have beaten us. My friend agrees with me because he tried to vote too and couldn't get through either. I was really annoyed when they gave us 12 or 10 points or whatever it was and we only gave them 2 or 3 or something like that, I felt really ashamed of us. (Thomas Perkins)

I thought that the junior eurovision contest was the best childs contest that I have ever seen and the winner was just so great and I think that he deserves to Win (Sarah Louise Addison)

I live in Sweden and if Dino jelusic read this I just want too say that I love you!! You are best in the world!!! I want too say that X!nk and tom morley and Dino was best!! I love you! I hope that Dino come too sweden some day =) And that Dino is in manchester 2004 on JESC!! It would be fun too see him again on tv! Kiss and hugs too Dino, Tom and X!nk!! (Mizz Elina)

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